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Another Great Testimonial, Thanks Carol!!!

Jack, Thanks for the opportunity to share my massage experiences with your future clients.  I've had the privilege of seeing you for the last couple of months.  You have proven to be the best message therapist I have ever had with consistently excellent results.  I come in with muscles tied in knots due to my travel and work schedules and you leave me feeling so relaxed; like overcooked spaghetti.  After seeing you, I find I get the best night's sleep ever and awaken refreshed and revived.  Even my chiropractor sees immediate changes after a session with you; able to manipulate the bones with ease.  Best of all, you listen!  When I tell you not to touch a body part, you respect my boundaries.   When I tell you that I have a knot in a muscle, you gently work it until that knot is released.  I appreciate you and look forward to a long continuing relationship.  I think getting regular messages with you is what keeps me healthy!  Sincerely, Carol

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