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9 Things to Remember for Your First Massage 

Based on my experience as both a client and a massage therapist I have a few thoughts on what to expect for your first massage. 

Step 1: Book your massage
This first step is sometimes the hardest, make the decision to get a massage and then book it. To find a good therapist look for reviews online ask your friends and coworkers for recommendations.  Keep in mind, not everyone will like the same therapist.   
* A disclaimer if this is your first massage I would definitely recommend booking a Swedish. It is a relaxing massage which will help reduce stress, anxiety, help you lose weight, break up your work week or ease you into a perfect weekend. Recent studies have indicated that swedish massage can help reduce the stress hormone cortisol.  

Step 2: Be Clean
For many it's common sense, but for everyone's benefit plan to be clean for your massage. Skip the perfumed soaps, body sprays, spray on tans before you go in for your massage.  Many therapists use aromatherapy to help enhance your experience and the perfumed soaps will interfere with your treatment.  

Step 3: Be on time
This will help start your massage off right.  When you arrive a few minute before your appointed time you don't feel stressed, rushed, and can start to relax...  Don't forget to turn off your phone.  For many, a vibrating phone when your on the table for treatment can be a huge distraction - not relaxing at all.  

Step 4: Make a pitstop...  
Before you get on the table make a pit stop at the restroom.  If you have to get up during your massage, it's okay, but remember it will cut into your time on the table.  

Step 5: Time for your massage
Your therapist will greet you and go over your medical history make sure to be completely truthful.  Some medications and conditions can be a contradiction.  That means, massage is not appropriate for specific conditions and medications. Don't be shy about asking questions.  The therapist will walk you to the massage room and leave for you to undress to your comfort level.  Most people take it all off, and get under the sheet.  However, if you are feeling shy go ahead and leave on your underwear.  Just remember you will be covered by the sheet throughout the massage and not exposed.  
Step 6: Speak up.  
Dont be shy about asking questions, even during your massage.  Let the therapist know if you have any areas that you would like them to focus on. Most important, if your in pain, speak up, they may read your body language, but not your mind. Your therapist wants to make this an enjoyable and relaxing experience for you.

Step 7: Enjoy and Drink up 
Enjoy your massage.  Once your massage is over, don't sit up too quickly and remember to drink plenty of water. This will help expedite the toxins out of your body, rehydrate your body and increase your overall wellness.  

Step 8: Settle up 
At most locations you pay for the service at the front desk, after your massage.  A typical hour long massage can start as little as $50 or as much as $200.  If this is not a self-employed therapist then tipping is customary, and a standard tip starts at around $15.00 and can be as much as $30.00  

Step 9: Re-book 
Did you like the facility, the therapist, the massage? Time to book your next appointment. To maximize your benefit from massage I recommend scheduling a massage at least every two weeks.

What is YOUR advice for somone who is new to massage?  


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