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Another Great Testimonial, Thanks Carol!!!

Jack, Thanks for the opportunity to share my massage experiences with your future clients.  I've had the privilege of seeing you for the last couple of months.  You have proven to be the best message therapist I have ever had with consistently excellent results.  I come in with muscles tied in knots due to my travel and work schedules and you leave me feeling so relaxed; like overcooked spaghetti.  After seeing you, I find I get the best night's sleep ever and awaken refreshed and revived.  Even my chiropractor sees immediate changes after a session with you; able to manipulate the bones with ease.  Best of all, you listen!  When I tell you not to touch a body part, you respect my boundaries.   When I tell you that I have a knot in a muscle, you gently work it until that knot is released.  I appreciate you and look forward to a long continuing relationship.  I think getting regular messages with you is what keeps me healthy!  Sincerely, Carol


Three Basic Massage Questions Answered

I'm starting a new series, to answer your questions and concerns related to massage therapy, therapist, and the benefits of massage. In this series I intend to cover massage basics, equipment, products , and any questions you may have about massage.

Massage 101 - Questions

The following are some basic questions you’ve asked or I have been asked before beginning a massage.

1. Why do you need my medical history for a massage?

An accurate medical history is vital to the safety of the client and the therapist. Injuries can be aggravated if the therapist is not made aware of them. Some infectious diseases may be transmitted through contact during a massage. Also medication can have an impact on how the body responds. One of the benefits of massage is increased blood circulation. For instance, if a client is taking a medication to decrease inflammation or pain, then a massage could unintentionally injure the client through increased circulation.

2. Will the massage be painful or leave bruises?

A massage should never leave a client in pain or bruised. Depending on the therapist and modality being preformed, some techniques could cause the client minimal discomfort for a brief period. If you are new to massage I would recommend beginning with a firm Swedish massage, direct your therapist to adjust the pressure to your comfort level. As you become used to massage, deeper pressure can applied as necessary.

3. How much of my clothing do I need to remove for a massage?

Your clothing, and how much you feel comfortable removing is completely in your charge. I recommend clients undress to their comfort level. A professional massage therapist can provide a very relaxing compression massage on a fully clothed client. A therapist should not remove an article of clothing a client has chosen to keep on. From time to time a therapist may suggest different articles of clothing be moved or even removed to protect from stains. It will depend on the products being used or the purpose for your visit. With that, the decision to move or remove any clothing is yours.

I hope these basic Q and A's have been helpful. If you have a question you want answered please leave a comment below or email me at I will do my best to provide you accurate information.

As the rules and regulations governing massage differ in each State, please follow up with a provider in your area. If you need help finding a professional massage therapist please let me know.


More Than Skin Deep...

Why therapeutic massage works.  By guest columnist Scott Terwilliger of the Augusta Chronicle.  Read more here...