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The First Issue in Any Massage...

Most women ask for female massage therapists, spa managers say, and the same goes for men. But culture and nationality also play a role. Read more here...



Benefits of Massage

Linda Stollings a special correspondent for the Richmond Times - Dispatch, loves to get massage.  Ms. Stollings report in this artical some of the benefits from four popular modalities.  

  • Deep-tissue massage: My personal favorite is deep-tissue massage because it gets down into the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue that often can become stressed and hard to get to without a massage. Muscle spasms can cause tremendous pain that can be relieved with deep-tissue massage. This will cause the muscle to relax and bring circulation (which is healing) to the affected area.
  • Swedish massage: This is a much gentler massage that uses long strokes and deep circular movement to relax and energize. This massage stays more on the surface of the muscle but is very relaxing.
  • Sports massage: This is similar to Swedish massage but is geared toward people involved in sport activities to help them prevent or treat injuries. There is a concentration in the areas that are most involved in the sport.
  • Trigger-point massage: This massage focuses on trigger points, or tight, inflexible muscle fibers that can form after overuse or just over time. Trigger points also can be a problem after an injury. They should be dealt with by a licensed masseuse, and relief can be immediate.

What is your favorate modality of massage?  How offten do you schedule your massage?  If you havn't had a massage, what is your main concern?  Your comments and replys are always welcome.



New Look! Same Great Massage!

Now that life has settled down I've finally had a chance to update my website. I hope you find it user friendly, easy to navigate, and distraction free. Please feel free to leave a comment for any site improvements or suggestions. Thanks!