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Benefits of Massage

Linda Stollings a special correspondent for the Richmond Times - Dispatch, loves to get massage.  Ms. Stollings report in this artical some of the benefits from four popular modalities.  

  • Deep-tissue massage: My personal favorite is deep-tissue massage because it gets down into the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue that often can become stressed and hard to get to without a massage. Muscle spasms can cause tremendous pain that can be relieved with deep-tissue massage. This will cause the muscle to relax and bring circulation (which is healing) to the affected area.
  • Swedish massage: This is a much gentler massage that uses long strokes and deep circular movement to relax and energize. This massage stays more on the surface of the muscle but is very relaxing.
  • Sports massage: This is similar to Swedish massage but is geared toward people involved in sport activities to help them prevent or treat injuries. There is a concentration in the areas that are most involved in the sport.
  • Trigger-point massage: This massage focuses on trigger points, or tight, inflexible muscle fibers that can form after overuse or just over time. Trigger points also can be a problem after an injury. They should be dealt with by a licensed masseuse, and relief can be immediate.

What is your favorate modality of massage?  How offten do you schedule your massage?  If you havn't had a massage, what is your main concern?  Your comments and replys are always welcome.



Massage Only for Accident Victims???

This evening I stopped by a local salon for a hair cut.  We made small talk like you do when getting a hair cut and the age old question “What do you do?” was asked...  Of course I took this opportunity to promote my budding massage business.  My stylist then asked if i hurt a lot of people.  I replied, NO!  I then proceeded to explain I have a more relaxing style of massage and try and never hurt my clients.  I believe massage should not hurt.  I know some modalities, and deep work can cause some discomfort and everyone perception of pain is different, however pain is never on the menu.  She then asked if massage was only for accident victims?  Again, I explained some of the benefits of massage.  I thought it might be fun to share some of what we talked about:

  1. Manage stress, anxiety, and depression
  2. Pain relief
  3. Improve sleep
  4. Relief from cramping
  5. Increased alertness and performance
  6. Headache relief
  7. Cancer treatment

 By no means is this comprehensive so please comment with the benefits you feel after a massage treatment.


The Wall Street Journal and Massage...

The WSJ has a great article on the tangible benefits of massage therapy. Some of the benefits include:

improved immune function with women with breast cancer
Improves the symptoms with asthma in children
Increased grip strength in individuals with carpal tunnel
Improves weight gain in premature babies
Reduced lower back pain

"There is emerging evidence that [massage] can make contributions in treating things like pain, where conventional medicine doesn't have all the answers," said Jack Killen, NCCAM's deputy director.

Here''s the link to the arrival for more information.