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First Class

Last week was my first class at NB, and like all new things I was a bit nervice. As you know the traffic in Austin is beyond bad, so I walked into class 10mins late. The school is a converted office space with a small waiting room / kitchen, a large main room, an office, and a smaller clinic room. The owner of the school did provide cake and punch for all the students to enjoy... The class is made up of about 17 students of witch about half are male. This is a huge change from my experiences from school in Baton Rouge. At Moore the class size was at most eight, maybe ten students. On the plus side the larger class size will allow for more people to practice on and provide feedback.

The night started off with the typical, "this is who we and what we do" speech along with the "rules" and what is expected. The instructor did have a game where he put our jobs/occupations on the board and we had to go around the room trying to match the person with their job. I was picked out second out of everyone. My glasses gave me away.

After the administrative topics were complete, Judith, the Swedish instructor, took the stage and began going over what we will be doing. This was followed by a brief video of her giving a massage to a client.