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Thank you and Happy New Year!

First off, I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone at the Massage and Bodywork Professionals networking group that took the time to review my website and provided comments.  I found your comments and suggestions extremely useful.  As a result, I have made several improvement to the site and its content.  

As for the new year.  I’ve decided 2012 will be my best year ever!  A few weeks ago I started to set my goals for the upcoming year.  I’ve been practicing this process for about five years now.  I discovered this process from Dan Miller of the 48 Days to the Work You Love fame.  His template walks you thru setting goals in seven key areas in your life.  In each key area, you first you start with a five year goal, the big picture goal.  Then you fine tune that vision to a one year goal.  I view this goal as stepping stone to the bigger picture five year goal.  Once you have completed the big picture and development of a step toward your five year goal.  The final step is beginning today.  What can you do beginning today to move towards your one year goal.  These are the first steps towards your goal.  

My career goal for the next year is to establish my massage therapy business.  I need to complete school and pass my licensing exam.  I also need to find clients willing to work with a student therapist.  Once this is complete, I plan finding a part-time job working in a local establishment as well as working as a mobile therapist.  

As for the five year goal.  I want to establish my own massage therapy clinic and begin teaching continuing education credits.  But first things first; anyone need a massage?