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Massage school is finally over.  Internship is finally over, (I will miss working on my clients however).  On Saturday, June 9th, I've taken and passed the national certification exam.  Monday, June 11th I turned in my application for licensure as a massage therapist to the Department of State Health Services.  Today, I visited with three massage franchises; Massage Heights, Massage Envy, and Massage Harmony.  I really liked the atmosphere at Massage Heights, however i don't think the scheduling will work with my day job.  I'll keep you posted on the progress with Massage Envy and Massage Harmony.

Please leave a comment on this post if you have any experiences (as a client or therapist) at any of these establishments.  I would greatly appreciate it.


Gone Fishin'?

I know I haven't been blogging in a while but I haven't gone fishing just yet. I'm nearing the end of massage school (just 13 or 14 more classes). We have two more pathology classes and two more business classes then it's all technique class after that. This is a very hectic time. Ive been busy putting the final touches on business and pathology projects, and providing great internship massages... But it's been worth the effort.

As I've talked about before, a group of us have been looking into joining forces and creating a co-op Well, it looks like I'll be seeking employment at a Massage Envy or the like once I complete the program. The co-op idea is still on the table, however I feel taking a job at ME would provide the experience of working on a wide a variety of individuals. In addition to ME, I still plan on taking outcall appointments as time allows.

Speaking of appointments, I still have about 10 more to fill for internship.

Internship Massage - 90 mins for 40$ at the school


The Wall Street Journal and Massage...

The WSJ has a great article on the tangible benefits of massage therapy. Some of the benefits include:

improved immune function with women with breast cancer
Improves the symptoms with asthma in children
Increased grip strength in individuals with carpal tunnel
Improves weight gain in premature babies
Reduced lower back pain

"There is emerging evidence that [massage] can make contributions in treating things like pain, where conventional medicine doesn't have all the answers," said Jack Killen, NCCAM's deputy director.

Here''s the link to the arrival for more information.