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OSU and Massage

Oregon State University students are receiving free massage as a benefit before finals week. Students say the free 10 minute chair massage help to relieve the pressure from finals stress.

Below is a link to the article.


Massage and Sore Muscles

In a study published in February's issue of Science Translational Medicine, massage was proven to reduce pain and promote healing. The scientist took samples of muscle tissue from several participants after a workout. They found with participants how had received massage, they had lower levels of inflammation within muscle cells.

"In summary, when administered to skeletal muscle that has been acutely damaged through exercise, massage therapy appears to be clinically beneficial by reducing inflammation and promoting mitochondrial biogenesis."

So make an appointment with me or your massage therapist and find out for yourself.


Internship Massage

I had to give away my February appointments for the school to fill, however I have appointments available for March.

If you schedule two appointment with me I will give you a free massage once I complete the program.

Call me for your appointments!

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