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Moving forward!

Earlier this afternoon I completed my first shift at Massage Envy.  I have to say, school did not prepare me for the pace of working for ME.  A fifty minute massage goes by quick.   I mean Quick!  And when you client is running 10 late, the fifty minute hour gets compressed to a really quick 40 mins.  I also found the SOAP notes very challenging.  I wish we would have worked more with this during class.

Aside from these two issues, everything else went great!  I’m talking mental notes on how I would, change / improve things for when I open my clinic, but until then, ME will be a trove of experience.  I would like to know what your experiences with ME have been like.  Please leave a comment sharing what you liked or didn’t like at ME.  Also, if you never been, why?

This weekend I’ll be in a training class for Seize the Day Chair Massage.  I’ll be working for SDCM on an ad hoc basis, filling in when needed. I’ll be tweeting my schedule so you know when and where I’ll be working.  

I’m still working at home and on call for massage outside of ME and SDCM.  Please feel free to give me a call and schedule an appointment!  



Massage school is finally over.  Internship is finally over, (I will miss working on my clients however).  On Saturday, June 9th, I've taken and passed the national certification exam.  Monday, June 11th I turned in my application for licensure as a massage therapist to the Department of State Health Services.  Today, I visited with three massage franchises; Massage Heights, Massage Envy, and Massage Harmony.  I really liked the atmosphere at Massage Heights, however i don't think the scheduling will work with my day job.  I'll keep you posted on the progress with Massage Envy and Massage Harmony.

Please leave a comment on this post if you have any experiences (as a client or therapist) at any of these establishments.  I would greatly appreciate it.



I need to refocus and finish massage school strong. I started this process with the end in mind, (as Franklin Covey teaches). The BIG picture was to start my own massage business... Something along the lines of a high end Massage Envy. That was the target as I was working thru school. Well school is coming to a end and the next step is the national certification exam. I want to register this week or next. I'm not in a hurry, but I don't want to put it off and lose momentum. After certification, a job at ME is next. This will help me learn the business and it provides the experience of working on a lot of different bodies.

I still have about 10 more to fill for internship.

Internship Massage Special - 90 mins for 40$